30X40 Original oil on canvas -$2950 plus shipping

"Gina 1950"

"Gina 1950"
30x30 Original Oil on canvas - $750 plus shipping


30X24 Original oil on canvas - $1800 plus shipping


60x48 Original oil on canvas - $3200 plus shippping

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I grew up fascinated by color. The vibration of colors heightens the my senses and effects my paintings. Color is my inspiration and motivator.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Building a Body of Work

Nothing worth having is easy.
The reward.......GRADIFICATION.

Since I started this blog, I wanted to commit myself to painting when ever possible.
So I have and more. Now I have another goal.
A Solo Exhibit.
So I must build up a body of work.
Planning, Ideas, Subjects, the list goes on.
I am still not a full time artist which is challenging, but it will not deter me.
I am blessed with a supportive family and great friends.


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